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It wasn’t always a bleak outlook that I held on the realm of religion, in fact, when I was younger I truly wanted to believe. I even find in my day to day life as of now that I will let slip certain ingrained thoughts and expression that come from a religious background, yet, I simply can’t do it. I can’t get myself behind the idea that there’s some great invisible being in the cosmos that is causing us to do, and say and feel all the things we do. That there is some ingrained rule system that we must live by in order to gain entry to some obscure paradise that no one has ever bore witness to.

I think the biggest issue that I have, and what makes it the hardest for me to be able to get behind these notions is the utter lack of proof. Everything in the hierarchy of religion is all about simply believing what you’re told. When it comes to science, and believing in reality, there are means that you can put to use to test the theories put forward. Curious about gravity? You can do some simple tests at home to verify it. Wonder if there are actually other planets out there? You can buy a telescope and see for yourself. Don’t believe that the world is less than five thousand years old, you can research into geology and learn about these processes that take millions of years to take form.

Whereas when it comes to religion, they begin to tell you everything from a young age, fill your head with these stories, and then feign ignorance when it comes to verifying them. When you seek out archaeological proof, you hit a road block. When you seek historical truth, you find nothing. It all simply comes down to having faith in something that cannot be verified. This makes it extremely hard for me to be able to get behind the notion. Not to mention all the means in which people have corrupted and subverted this belief system that they claim to hold so dear. That they can use it as a shield, a wall, and a sword all in the same movement and have it justify some of the darkest actions we can make as a people.

I find personally that there is just something inherently wrong with the whole idea, and there are millions out there who don’t agree with me, and millions that do. No matter what I say, I won’t be able to sway the opinions of either, and that’s not my intention. My goal in this blog is simply to share the viewpoint of someone who does not believe. For both believers and detractors alike to look into, to understand, and to do with as they see fit. No matter what I write down, I am just one person, with one set of beliefs, and that is how I will live my life, as you will yours.

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